We design with people rather than for people. Using a human-centred design approach and methods that are both rigorous and creative, we:

  • Facilitate the co-design of projects, programs and services to meet social and community needs
  • Facilitate the co-creation of great places to transform the lives of individuals and communities
  • Design participatory processes and experiences to facilitate community and stakeholder engagement and collaborative planning by teams, groups, organisations and communities
  • Design evaluation frameworks and tools to measure social impact



We seek order in chaos. We embody perspective, stepping back to weave all project elements into a fluid and articulate whole. We sift through information to find treasured insights that enliven decisions and spur action. We excite shared understanding by presenting information and ideas in useful, accessible and memorable ways.

We adopt a developmental approach to partnering with clients and communities on projects. We search for ways to build the capacity of the individuals, groups, and organisations we work alongside.

Community development and place making saturate our lives. When weʼre not working on client projects, weʼre electrifying our own communities, making inspired things happen alongside our neighbours and community partners.

Our work isnʼt just beautification. We help communities and places celebrate their strengths and acknowledge and tackle their challenges. Weʼre involved with feel-good initiatives like community gardens but commit deeply to working through issues such as homelessness and reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians.

When it comes to community development and place making, how you get to where you want to go is as important as getting there. We always ask the question: how can the process begin delivering desired outcomes straight away?

We challenge the status quo to create a more meaningful and connected human existence. We infuse our work with energy, creativity and enthusiasm, knowing from experience that this leads to lithe and responsive outcomes. We help our clients enjoy themselves whilst changing the world!