We facilitate genuine dialogue, build shared understanding, and support creative collaboration amongst diverse stakeholders.

We live in a world of complex problems that no one person, group or organisation can solve. We believe collaborative planning is crucial. Our planning processes support diverse stakeholders to organise their energy, expertise and resources around issues of mutual concern. We sustain engagement by ensuring working together is enjoyable and worthwhile for all involved.

Our collaborative planning capabilities include:

  • Establishing the conditions for creative collaboration
  • Designing effective planning processes
  • Facilitating planning with diverse stakeholders
  • Capturing collaboration outcomes
  • Preparing plans for endorsement

To enable cooperation and collaboration, we start by building relationships. Our processes cultivate respect, honesty, openness and goodwill between diverse stakeholders, providing fertile ground for working together.

We create the conditions for effective collaboration. We establish a clear purpose and shared principles for collaboration, carefully select and tailor processes and tools that make it easy for people to work together, set up physical spaces to support co-working, and employ skilled facilitation.

We synthesise information to build an accurate and deep understanding of issues among stakeholders. By paying close attention to detail we make sure all important matters are captured and integrated into mutually agreed plans.

Our planning processes are outcomes-focussed and are designed to support stakeholders to move quickly from planning to action. We seek out opportunities for the planning process to deliver immediate value for participants.