We design and facilitate participatory processes that engage people in shaping communities, places and organisations.

Public participation leads to better decisions, stronger communities and active democracies. Our processes enable people to have a say in decisions that impact their lives. We favour projects that aim for higher levels of public impact on decision making and ensure engagement processes are relevant and meaningful for the people who participate. We have a strong track record of engaging successfully with diverse groups such as local residents, Aboriginal Elders, young people, government workers, farmers, local councillors and CEOs.

Our community and stakeholder engagement capabilities include:

  • Working with clients to clarify participation goals
  • Designing creative and effective engagement processes
  • Facilitating engagement processes
  • Turning engagement findings into useful insights

We design tailored processes that reflect required participation levels and suit the people our clients want to engage. We ensure processes are fit-for-purpose and generate meaningful outcomes that inform inspired decision making.

We’ve developed the CAST framework to guide the detailed design of public participation processes. This framework draws together technical knowledge and creative expertise in determining the content, actions, space and tools employed in an engagement process.

We use a wide range of standard methods, as we embark on shaping tailored tools to accommodate each project’s individual needs. Our expertise in visual, experiential, play and movement-based public participation techniques effectively engages participants, makes complex information more accessible and encourages positive interaction.

Our deep understanding of community work means we design participatory processes that generate transformative outcomes for communities, in addition to achieving their purpose of collecting valuable input towards a final decision, plan or product. We work with you to identify and capitalise on opportunities that exist within engagement activities to build the capacity of the individuals, organisations and communities who are involved in the process.