We facilitate the co-creation of great places to transform the lives of individuals and communities.

Place making aims to transform the lives of individuals and communities through the transformation of places. We believe that the making of a place is just as important as the place itself. Our process allows us to engage diverse stakeholders in place making in a way that fosters co-creation and idea ownership. We focus on building social value; our work enhances wellbeing, grows citizenship and builds community resilience.

Our place making capabilities include:

  • Growing place making capacity within organisations
  • Designing and conducting place analyses
  • Facilitating place visioning processes
  • Defining place making strategies
  • Curating place activation opportunities

Great public places foster trust, respect, understanding and cooperation within communities. Our collaborations between neighbours, businesses, governments and local organisations nurture these elements to grow resilient communities.

Place managers cannot create great places alone. Radiant places emerge when the community who live, work and play in it engage in shaping and caring for it. We create opportunities for place users to work alongside place managers and multi-disciplinary professionals to co-create great places.

We build and elevate social value through place making initiatives. We deliver ideas, insights and design reviews that drive social interaction and augment social capital.

We lead place making initiatives, manage place making processes and contribute perceptive community and social expertise to your existing team.