We build and measure social value through the design and evaluation of social projects, programs and services.

Social innovation is about finding effective ways to meet social and community needs. We understand that the resources of governments and communities are limited. We can help make sure your projects, programs and services deliver real social value. Our human centred design approach draws together design, social research, public participation, creative thinking, collaboration, and project planning methodologies to bring clarity to problems and to craft effective solutions.


Our social innovation capabilities include:

  • Facilitating co-design processes with users and multidisciplinary teams
  • Facilitating prototyping, action research and continuous improvement
  • Developing logic models/program logic
  • Designing evaluation frameworks and tools
  • Delivering training and on-the-job coaching

We design fit-for-purpose projects, programs and services to meet community and social needs. We utilise human-centred design approaches to ensure we keep people at the centre our work.

We find ways to measure what matters. We design evaluation frameworks and tools that help you understand social impact, enhance program effectiveness, optimise use of resources, attract and secure partners and funding, and celebrate successes.

Many people find program design and evaluation confusing and daunting. Through on-the-job coaching and training, we build the capacity and confidence of the people we work alongside.

We have completed design and evaluation projects in areas such as community development, mental health, network development and partnerships, homelessness, childcare, crime prevention, and sustainability education.